Welcome to Marc Chapman Fencing

This website shows the latest information on all the Fencing related services provided by Marc Chapman – BFA Registered Professional Coach.

Based in Canterbury and working for Fencing Clubs and Schools in Kent and the South East Region of England.

Also working as a GBR Fencing Athlete Development Programme Coach for Epee which includes DiSE (formerly known as AASE).

  • Beginner to International Level Training in Foil, Epee and Sabre.
  • Youth and Adult Fencers.
  • Demonstrations, Group Sessions and Private Individual Lessons.
  • Schools and Fencing Clubs.
  • Holiday Camps and Courses.
  • Specialist Tournament Coaching and Team Management.
  • Corporate Events and Team Building.
  • Fight Direction for Stage and Screen.
  • Film, Theatre & TV work as a Swordsman or Extra.

All training and events can be planned together and tailored to fit the required purpose.

Please get in touch for further information!